Monday, September 12, 2011

Anis Naccache

I was watching tonight an interview on Al Manar TV with Anis Naccache . As always the show was interesting and full of analysis , information , catchy expressions and subliminal  messages . Usually he attacks Gulf States but without naming them especially Saudi Arabia , but this time he actually named the Saudi Kingdom mentioning it as one of the countries with the worst society / principles /  politics etc.... this was not the only attack during the show but the most direct one . Anyways i guess there's only two ways to explain this new phenomenon ( I called it phenomenon because Al Manar TV even Hezbollah representatives never named the Saudis when talking about Arabian countries, not even the Syrian's regime TV dares to ). First theory is that the revolution failed in Syria and Bashar Al Assad can afford attacking the Kingdom. Second theory is that the Regime is weak and cornered and it's fighting back with whatever tools left without considering future effects .


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